Horizontal Storage Tank is used to store intermediate chemicals, raw materials, or the final chemicals. We are a proven & successful fabricator of the chemical tanks. There is the availability of vertical as well as horizontal tanks. We keep up with various sizes, from 5000 Liters to 1,10,000 Liters. Also, we offer custom sizes as per requirements.

Benefits of our Chemical Storage Tanks:

  • Horizontal tanks with flat-end / dish-end design.A
  • Provided with level indicator & saddle support.
  • Provision of easy drain out.
  • Vertical tanks have a space-saving design, with Top & Bottom dish end-type / Flat bottom & top conical type.
  • Safety cage and monkey ladder on the outer side.
  • Optional internal ladder, for safe man movement.
  • Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless steel.
  • For high strength, outside rafter channel is welded on the top conical part of the tank.
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