Heat will be discharged by reactants, during the exothermic reaction. And the heat will be absorbed, during the endothermic reaction. For a perfect outcome, the temperature should be controlled in both processes. Jacketed vessels will meet the above conditions. Jacketed reactor comes with a jacket surrounding the primary vessel. During the process, the temperature of the reactants is controlled by circulating cooling/heating media through a jacket. It is suited for the heating below 150 Centigrade (302 Fahrenheit). Water, steam & hot oil are commonly utilized heat transfer media. We have rich experience in the manufacturing of jacketed vessels. The vessels can be provided in Dimple design.

Benefits of Jacketed Vessels:

  • Offered in Stainless Steel 304, 316, or Carbon Steel.
  • Capacity: 500 Liters to 60,000 Liters. And as per requirement.
  • Spirals welded for outside surface of the main vessel.
  • Uniform heating/cooling media circulation.
  • The vessel designed for extra strength.
  • Attention to Argon & ARC welding activities, and ASME standards.
  • Two-part jacket design, ideal for smaller batch & energy saving.
  • equipment range for the Pharmaceutical industry – Mirror finish, smooth welding, flush grinding & insulation.
  • Energy-efficient design of direct drive for the agitator, and VFD option to change the drive RPM.
  • Agitator design that suits the viscosity & density of reactants.
  • Form cutter vessel design.
  • Save time & money, with process automation, valves & fittings.
  • Manufactured as per application specifications.
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