We bring forth a range of durable and highly functional heat exchangers that are fitted with a series of tubes. These well-designed tubes are designed for specific functions. One of the sets is designed to hold the fluid that requires either heating or cooling. The second fluid is made to run over the tubes that are subjected to heat or cold treatment so that heat can either be gathered or absorbed, as per the process requirement. Usually, a standard set of these tubes in Tube Heat Exchanger is referred to as the tube bundle and can be designed in a manner that it comprises different types of tubes like plain, longitudinally finned, and more.

The range of Tube Heat Exchanger offered by us are extremely durable and therefore suitable for high-pressure applications. Numerous thermal design features are taken into due consideration while fabricating and designing the tubes in the heat exchangers. Thus, these heat exchangers can perform well even when subjected to pressures above 30 bar and temperatures more than 260°C. This is also because our tube heat exchangers are reliably built in suitable shapes.

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